Quotes Mufti Ismail Menk

9:19:00 PM

 Salam Alaikum ^^

Malam ni nak share kata kata dari Mufti Ismail Menk. Kalau rasa tak cukup bermotivasi, korang boleh laa join channel telegram untuk dapatkan aura positif macam aku. Kofkof

The world's seeing some rough times. There's sadness, anxiety & anger in so many. If you think nobody sees it, don't worry. HE knows it all.

Even in your darkest moments, don't despair. Be patient & you'll emerge stronger. Relief & ease come after hardship. Never forget that.

Many ask how can patience be beautiful? It's tiring, painful, saps energy. But it's beautiful simply because you trust the Almighty fully.

Stay focused even when it gets tough. We need endless compassion. We mustn't lose our humanity & tolerance just because others spread hate.

You'll be mocked, ridiculed & humiliated because of your faith. Don't give in to such twisted logic. Stay firm. The Almighty is with you.

Be careful who you insult & slander. Spreading rumours & speaking ill of others will cost you dearly on the scale of deeds. Leave such acts!

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  1. Allah Ya Hafiz Ya Muhaimin.... supaya allah jaga kita umat Islam drp fitnah dan segala keburukan... Ya Allah Ya Rahman Ya Rahim Ya Jami' satukan hati2 kami dengan kasih sayang Mu....

  2. Saya ada CD dia ... dapat semasa jadi penaja kepada program The Bidadari .. :)

  3. salam! akak suka sangat kata kata mufti Ismail menk! macam kena je dengan situasi ni


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